Jet Set Radio launching on PS Vita October 16

While the reviews are out, and you can ever pre-order the audio soundtrack CD, Vita owners will have to hold fire on their grinding antics as our version won't be out until mid-October. But it looks like it could be worth the wait, with good scores from 75% up and a spray can full of gaming goodness, which arrive to more-or-less coincide with the Dreamcast's 13th birthday (JSR appears at No.3 in this great list of top DC titles).

The Vita version will cost a pretty decent, $9.99, £6.49 or €7.99

I'll add more reviews as they appear.

Eurogamer - 9/10
Games Radar – 4/5
NowGamer – 9.0/10

I think we can safely ignore The Verge (Polygon's) review of 5/10 written by a pent-up executive who talks about properties and prioritization, as if this was a boardroom report.

Since there's been no word, and the Vita version is out late, I'm guessing there's no Cross Buy or Cross Play involved.