Is there life in WipEout yet?

A tweet from Studio Liverpool's WipEout2048 Twitter (and an update on Facebook) account suggests there might be life in the old thrust-propelled dog yet. The tweet comes with an image that features official team names, so this isn't an indie-offshoot going out on a limb.

The tweet arrived out of the blue a couple of hours ago, and is generating a fair amount of excitement. Hope to hear more news soon. It could be a spoof however, with an insider posting "That Tweet should not have been posted, Studio Liverpool is closed, there is no new Wipeout game. Ami Nakajima was not released [I wonder why ;) ], she was just tweeting to say that she "is still alive". Which is pretty tactless."

Update: Rumors flew overnight with stories that Evolution were taking over the WipEout series, still no firm announcement, but the game is definitely afoot.