Final Fantasy III on PSP tops the chart in Japan, LBP makes a modest entry

I always wondered how LittleBigPlanet would do in Japan, the answer not as bad as I feared, but still pretty weak. According to Famitsu's figures, it sold over 4,500, the Media Create figures (due soon) will probably see it doing around 6,000.

On the plus side Final Fantasy III stormed to the top of the charts, selling over 45,000 and we get to play it too as its in this week's PSN update. That leads some five PSP (including Hunter x Hunter) and two PSV games in the charts. Vita hardware sales are in the checking-for-a-pulse 8,000s, Sony must be rethinking its need for a price cut, right (But still won't do it, as it can't afford to.)


  1. I'll definitely have to get FFIII when its out in Australia.

    Thanks for all the great details,
    Keep it up! :)

  2. Vita doesn't need a price cut, its needs to advertise. It has so much to offer against the likes of the 3ds.


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