The PS Vita on the road to Tokyo Games Show

With Gamescom fading to a wurst-tinged memory, attention now moves to the second half of Sony's Vita comeback story at Tokyo Games Show from the 20-22nd of September. Japan is the company's real powerhouse and if it can pull three new games out of the hat in Europe, then it can probably manage a couple more back home. We've already got Famitsu teasing a new title for next week, which might be a new Vita offering.

Certainly on show will be Earth Defense Force 3 Portable, Special Report Division and a host of recent or imminent release titles, but what new stuff could Sony have on show? The Gran Turismo team at Digital Polyphony has said they'll be ready to make an announcement soon, and with Criterion looking to have done an awesome job getting Need for Speed on the Vita, I'm sure they'll be up for the challenge, but a final game could be years away, unless they do a GT5 remix for the Vita.

Some quicker wins for the Vita could come in the form of new Patapon or Locoroco games (perennial PSP favourites)/ But it will be the third parties that Sony might need to rely on most for a big Japanese boost. No need to mention the eternal (and likely doomed) hope of a reveal from Ca***m for a new Mo***** Hu****, but the company could still have more than just Street Fighter x Tekken in the works.

With Persona 4 having done so well in Japan, it wouldn't be of a surprise to hear about Persona 4 Arena getting a rapid conversion, while I'm pretty sure Square Enix will have something new to announce after their first dabblings with the Vita for Army Corps of Hell at launch.

What do you think Sony and partners will be dishing out at TGS this year?


  1. Would love to see Konami announce Pro Evolution Soccer for the vita.


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