So, which PS One games will you play when firmware 1.80 arrives for the Vita

Sony has said that over 100 games should be compatible with the new PS One feature on the Vita. Here's a list of all PS One games on PSN for Europe (138 games) and one for the U.S. (thanks Wikipedians). So which do you fancy trying out on your 21st Century gaming system?

Alundra is the latest arrival to the store, and now the Vita is fully functional, hopefully the pace of releases will pick up a bit. Personally, and as I've said many times, I'll be playing Ridge Racer Type 4 (again), putting some more effort into Vagrant Story and enjoying the lovely Rayman once again from my PSP-era purchases.

Looking at the list, I might pick up Parasite Eve II and Grandia. But some games, like the Tomb Raiders now seem rather superfluous, as you can get the Tomb Raider Legend PSP release for a couple of quid in the summer PSN sale. What do you fancy picking up for your Vita?