PS Vita and PS3 Cross Buy will be a global trend

Wow, there's a lot of whiny bastards on Twitter, farting on that Cross Buy was announced in Europe first. Sony's Shuhei Yoshida has already said:
PS Vita-PS3 Cross Buy price promo is coming to both Europe and North America. My quote by Famitsu was meant as "not decided for Japan yet".
So, chill out, of course this will be a global feature of the PS3 and Vita, led by PS All Stars Battle Royale with Ratchet & Clank QForce and Sly Cooper to follow. Why would Sony do something fairly daring, but logical given the convergence of devices and not spread that love (and the marketing boost it brings) around the world?

Negotiations for third-party games (Need for Speed seems to be the first one up for discussion, but I think that is a way too high-profile title) will take some time, this might be more of an indie deal to get it off the ground before bigger names sign up.

Just remember, this won't be for every title that's got a dual release, I expect just a trickle of big titles, and a gentle stream of PSN titles to use Cross Buy.

UPDATE: Retro City Rampage has just confirmed it will be available as a Cross Buy title, with Cross Save, so you can pick up the same game on either device.