PS Vita marketing to get a boost from Sony

Hmmm, you know boosting zero by 1,000% is still zero right? However, Sony says it is putting more money behind the Vita's marketing to hype the upcoming games and bundles. MCV, talking to Sony's marketing folks, got this out of them.
“We’re currently putting the finishing touches to our campaign, and throughout peak we’ll be spending more marketing money than we did during the launch period,”
“Our comprehensive TV plan kicks off in September and will run in key bursts to Christmas, focusing on the new titles. Our first ad will feature FIFA 13 and LittleBigPlanet.
“Having FIFA 13 in our creative is a great example of how we’re engaging with the third-party titles.”
“This strength and depth of software support, in combination with a heavyweight marketing campaign, retail focused bundles and sampling, puts the PS Vita in a very strong position for Christmas and beyond.”
The trouble is, every Sony campaign since the PlayStation 2 (in my opinion) has been rubbish. They have been hamstrung by lifestyle angst, ridiculous marketing phrases and often forgetting to mention the fact that its a games machines they're selling.

So, Sony, here's my top six messages you need to get across.

  • Play the latest big-screen console experiences on the go. 
  • Social media and YouTube accessible anywhere via 3G
  • View movies and listen to your favorite music anywhere
  • Immersive gaming with multiple touchscreens, dual-sticks
  • Take control of your PS3 through your Vita 
  • Access a library of hundreds of PSP and PS One classics.

Even you can't screw that up, but I'm sure you will somehow.