Criterion talking up Need for Speed on the PS Vita

Criterion is doling out the interviews after Gamescom, now that the news about the Vita version of Need for Speed being a match for the big-screen version, apart from a 4-player MP limit. It would be nice if they could grace us with some video and a few more screenshots, but words will do just as well for now. In a new interview with NowGamer, they spill a few more beans.

Matt Webster, Producer, Criterion Games: This is our Vita game. It's exactly the same game [as the home console versions]. It's the same big open-world, the only difference is the number of players online. This is 4 players online rather than 12, but the experience is exactly the same. It's got the same open-world structure, it's got the same cars, it's got the same Autolog features and the same competition; it's exactly the same. We're really, really thrilled with what we've managed to do on Vita. It's coming along really well. The important thing is that any Speed Points that I earn on Vita, or console, PC, iOS or Android, everything is aggregated into the Most Wanted list, and that's how you compete to be Most Wanted amongst your friends.