More on the Dust 514 PS Vita app

A new PSN post highlights the detail and amazing amount of access PS3/Vita users will be able to get from their Vita app. Of course, things will really kick off when the Vita gets access to the full game, but until then PS3 owners might want a Vita-owning buddy to run the store when they're out.

A quick hands-on session with the app demostrated just how much functionality CCP has managed to squeeze in. Players will have access to the complete Fittings system – allowing you to tinker with your weapon load-outs, armour and various vehicle configurations. And as Eve afficionados will likely be well aware, this is almost a game unto itself, with thousands and thousands of different combinations available. On top of that, the game’s store is fully accessible from the Vita app, complete with daily deals and special offers, while the in-game mail and social features are also present and correct. Not only that, but you can also navigate around the Eve universe’s enormous galaxy map – a feature which CCP plans to build upon further down the road.