Last bits from Gamescom, Sly Cooper to 2013, Silent Hill still creeping along and what was missing

I'll tidy up any bits I missed from Gamescom here. First up is the late Sly Cooper, who is now appearing in 2013, slipping from an Autumn release. He got a new video at the the show, but with so much Vita action coming our way, I think he'll be happier for a quieter release slot early next year.

Konami came out with a new batch of Silent Hill screens for the show, looks like this game will now be done when its done. The game became more of a running joke recently when the developers showed off stupid character customizations.

Naturally, some publishers weren't there and some games were held over, but mysteries I would love to have seen cleared up at Gamescom include:

Persona 4 Golden European release date please
Doctor Who and the Eternity Clock PS Vita, happening or not?
Sunflowers information from Game Atelier
Urban Trials release date from Tate

Is there anything you were expecting to hear about from Gamescom that might have slipped under the radar?