EA's Gamespress event, Vita news and highlights

EA's event is starting now, you can watch it live here. I'll post any Vita news or assets as they're announced or published. After Capcom's bust for new Vita titles, it is very unlikely EA will have anything new to offer, but even a glimpse of a Vita title from a developer almost embarrassed to talk about them would be good.

Event starting now, updates below.

First up some new content for Army of II: It Takes Two (to tango). Highly destructible environments. Lots of split-screen action as the pair diverge to take different paths through the level.

Next up the new NHL, its hockey! woo.

Now Need for Speed: Most Wanted. This game is available for the Vita, not that EA seems to want to mention that. HOLD THAT THOUGHT! The new Autolog links your main console to your Vita or phone version so you can continue your progress on the go. A CloudCompete mode allows you to compete against your friends or rivals across multiple platforms and mobile devices.

The latest on Battlefield 3, then The Simpsons on iOS, and Origin services being upgraded with more social connectivity and what sounds like a wider mobile platform, it is also now out on Mac. They're rattling of through these things. Sim City is next and has come on a bit since I last played the 2000 version.

Another Battlefield 3 pack, then Crysis 3 with the new Hunter multiplayer mode, very Predator-like and an awesome engine driving this one. Moving on Star Wars The Old Republic is boosting its free to play offering,  and the amount of content the game gets. Loving the new live-action advert for it.

Dead Space 3 looks pretty neat, and EA has a cunning contest going on. Enter the Tools of Terror contest at www.deadspace.com and submit your dream weapon. The winner will have their creation (and likeness) added to the game. DS3 is out on 8th February.

FIFA now, and lots of innovations with links to the real football season, extra details 2v2 multiplayer, but no mention of the Vita version at all. And that's all folks! About a ten second mention of the Vita among all that lot, hopefully there will be more on the floor.

The only positive about EA is that most of those games are due soon, which means they should be working on a new batch of titles, that will hopefully have more Vita support. No reason why it can't handle an Army of Two or Battlefield game.