Atomicom's Switch coming to Playstation Mobile

Atomicom launched its Android and iOS title Switch back in 2011, an endless racer that sees the player having to avoid barriers and enemy ships whilst the game keeps accelerating. Touted as one of the fastest mobile experiences the game has received praise from its fans and reviewers alike.

Atomicom and Sony Computer Entertainment have announced that Switch will be redesigned exclusively for Playstation Mobile and will have added extras such as new game modes, new enemies, power-ups and objectives along with an improvement in the game’s already stunning graphics. The title is set for release in Q4 2012 on PSM devices including Sony Tablets and PS Vita.

The game feels like WipEout's Zone mode meets GridRunner or Tempest (or something) and is free to play on smartphones. The company also has a KickStarter fund going to try to bring an updated version of Super Off-Road to modern devices.