Amazon UK shows off a FIFA PS Vita "bundle"

Update: This old story is getting lots of hits for some reason, as far as I know, there's no FIFA 14 bundle, just this.

Not quite a proper bundle, because this Amazon-exclusive product only comes with a voucher to download the existing game (not the upcoming FIFA 13), so there's no extra bit of cellophane to unwrap or a nice case to put next to your other games.

Available from next Monday, (with less than 2 months until FIFA 13 launches) there is also one with a MotorStorm RC voucher, if football isn't your thing. The price is £239, with a 4GB memory card, so you're not really saving much, in fact it looks rather a half-arsed effort all round. You can certainly get the component parts cheaper (and a physical copy of the game) if you shop around.