All the PS Vita news from Capcom's Gamescom Presentation

What will the Japanese giant tempt the European gamer with? Or, will it hold all the good stuff back until Tokyo Games Show for its home audience?

Either way, we'll find out in a few minutes time. Personally, with Capcom's current Nintendo love-in, I'm not expecting anything big for the Vita, but you never know... UPDATES Below.

 9:45 Tweeters are taking their seats (and some photos). Here's a pic from Capcom's Twitter during their rehearsal. Capcom also tweets that assets won't be available until later in the day, which means text-only and fuzzy photos it is for now.

10:10 First up is Devil May Cry for PS3, Xbox with a PC version to come. Vergil is the big news, making an appearance.

10:20 Lost Planet 3, haven't we been here before, I thought Capcom was promising a magical show? Its got a future wild-west frontier setting, how original! The action happens before the other two games.

10:35 Finally some Vita action, with Street Fighter x Tekken taking the stage. This game has some battle on its hands with Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs. Capcom, BlazBlue and others already providing a vibrant fighter scene on the Vita. Plenty of screens and video already out for this, but what new info will Capcom offer?

Here's Ono dressed as Blanka bringing out a cake for Street Fighter's 25th Birthday. The game will be cross play enabled, owners of both the PS3 and Vita versions will only need to buy the DLC once for use on both consoles. Out on October 26th, again, not much new.

10:45 Resident Evil 6, anyone else think its time to end the series? Kind of peaked at Code Veronica on the Dreamcast and the RE4 on Wii for me, nothing on the new consoles has thrilled me at all. coming soon, game getting social features and challenges.

YAY, NEW STUFF - Remember Me (not for Vita, but still looks ace)

And that's your lot, no sniff of a Monster Hunter, old or new. No new Vita announces. Start tapping one nail into a very small coffin.