A CoD gamer's eye view of the Vita trailer for Black Ops Declassified

I like a bit of Call of Duty as much as the next grunt, but I'm no expert. So, I'll leave it up to Richnificent of the Sticky Paddle to give an expert's guide to the trailer that Activision showed off on Sony's Gamescom event.

He sounds pretty psyched about the whole thing, and there's little of the moaning we've heard from plenty of other quarters. When it comes down it to, this will sell on gameplay and if some serious CoD fans like the look of it, then perhaps that immediate despondency about the trailer is unfounded.

What are your thoughts on the job Nihilistic has done, given the brief glimpse in this trailer, and the few screens shown off and feature list? Would love to hear from the CoD die-hards about if they'll enjoy this. Would it convince you to buy a Vita?