2000th Post, Sony launches PS Vita's PS one games fest with a sale

On the no-Vita stuff PSN update post, Sony's blogger said "I am extremely busy today sorting out some PSOne deals for you..." So, hopefully we'll be picking up a bunch of cheap old games on the when the update goes live.

UPDATE: Sony is making changes to the store, no entries yet (update to the update), lists are now populated, break out those PSN vouchers) but here's the new addition. Some of my PS one titles are appearing as ready to download in my History list. So go, go, go!

Original story: Now, here's the press release, as I'm too busy reloading PSN on my Vita:

 Over 100 Classic PlayStation Titles Explode onto PlayStation Vita to enhance the ultimate games collection with games priced from only £0.99, PlayStation One Classics are coming to PS Vita to complete the ultimate digital games line-up including PSP, "minis" and exclusive PS Vita games.

A full list of titles can be found at eu.playstation.com, but highlights from the range include:

Tekken 2 (SCEE) – Fan favourite of the popular fighting series Tekken
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus(GT Interactive) – Quirky platformer starring the unusual, but iconic Abe
Tomb Raider II Starring Lara Croft (Rebellion) – Hugely popular sequel to the genre-defining action / adventure game Tomb Raider
Crash Bandicoot (SCEE) – Classic platforming action from Naughty Dog, creators of Uncharted and The Last of Us
SILENT HILL (Konami) – Debut chapter in the terrifying survival horror game series that has been haunting dreams since 1999
Vagrant Story (Square Enix) – Square Soft developed action / adventure role playing game that focuses on weapon creation and modification, as well as elements of puzzle-solving and strategy
WipEout (SCEE) – First in the series of futuristic racing games set in the year 2025
GRANDIA (Ubisoft)– Role-playing game set in a fantasy world of emerging technology and exploration
Ridge Racer Type 4 (Namco Bandai Europe) – Arcade racing at its finest