Set the date: Sony's Gamescom press event, games, firmware and price cuts

Sony has hinted at a heavy Vita focus, it had better damn well deliver. I'll be the one at (virtual) ringside with the scorecards and anything less than a 9.8 will leave me feeling seriously grumpy. Capcom has already promised "an event to remember" for Gamescom, so I'm wondering if the two have something scaly up their collective sleeves. Anything less than an awesome showing and the industry will turn on Sony, and any response like "oh, wait until Autumn 2013 or 2014" won't cut it for consumers.

To earn that score, or more, Sony needs new games, big new games and big fricking new games with lasers on. Tune in Tuesday, 14th of August at 19.00pm (guessing that's CET, so 6PM U.K., 2PM EST etc) to see what Sony and partners can deliver.

The full show starts the following day. There's already news of a new dinky PS3 in the air, but its all about the games and Sony had better have them. I also think Sony Japan will run its Games Heaven event to coincide over in Asia, possibly with the release of the new firmware update 1.80 to enable PSOne play on the Vita.

Now that all the clamour for a price cut has fallen away, I'd be stunned if Sony decided to pull one out of the hat, but I guess that's down to how well (or badly) the Vita is selling in America and Europe.