Puddle to make a big splash on PS Vita

Puddle is another one of those annoyingly addictive looking tilt games that the Vita badly needs to keep gamers keen. The new trailer shows off all those glistening drips of water and molten metal, and the cunning, danger-filled, levels you have to navigate.

UPDATE: the US PSN blog notes that a demo version of the game will also be available, so you can try before you buy!

There's also a Facebook page that will host more information and act as a place for fans to interact. Finally, there's a homepage with a bunch of screen shots and reviews of earlier Xbox version. The Vita edition has 49 "remastered" levels and a global rankings.

It looks like it could be as fun as Mutant Blobs. The game is out at the end of July in America and a couple of weeks later in Europe, price to be announced. A browse on the company site reveals a couple more secret projects in progress for the Vita, Fang and Maestro. Supporting this game could well hurry those along.