PSP getting a whole lot of Summon Night

First question, what's Summon Night, certainly something I've never heard of, but the Japanese seem to be into it. Stories have been rumbling on about it over the last week, but only now do I have a faint clue. With the PSP getting a whole new game, SN5, and a couple of ports of older versions, SN4 and 3. Sure, the art-style looks fun and you can't go wrong with electric, presumably launch-able fists.

The game looks rather like Aedis Eclipse, FFT War of the Lion and quite a few others, offering role playing and tactical combat in a steampunk setting. There are a few more pics and bits of art over on Famitsu with a rather attractive-looking city to play in.

Published by Namco Bandai, this has no chance of a western release, so enjoy these pics while they last in your memory, because apart from a brief appearance in the Japanese charts, this is likely the last we'll see of them. Summon Night 3 will arrive in October, SN4 in November and the new release is TBA.