A PSP game frenzy-ette after Japan has a day off

Yesterday was a holiday in Japan, its a big scary world where at least one PSP game each and every day isn't announced or teased in some way. Making up for that gaping void in our lives, here comes Compile Heart with a new Agarest Senki Mariage trailer.

While marriage is part of the plot, fair enough given the all-girl cast and likely audience for the game, this is a full-on RPG with smart-looking combat. Also coming soon is more Gundam titles from Bandai, here's a couple of TV spots for Gundam Age, Universe Accel and Cosmic Drive.

Finally, here's a new video of the Monster Hunter feylne-inspired blocks game, Pazuru in Airou, from Capcom, it certainly has bags of character.

There, all better now?