PS Vita PSN Fun Stats Friday, what's the numbers on the store

Okay, this is based on the UK store, Friday 27 July, other stores may vary, things change over time. Here are a few stats I found while digging around.

For a start, there are 51 PS Vita titles (excluding PSP titles and apps) in the games section of the store.

The best rated games are:

Gravity Rush 4.87
Disgaea 3
Plants vs Zombies
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Tales from Space
Rayman Origins
Metal Gear HD
Super Stardust Delta
Dynasty Warriors Next
WipEout 2048 4.65

The games that have been rated the most times are:

MotorStorm RC (8675 ratings)
Treasures of Montezuma Blitz
Escape Plan
Ashphalt Injection
Table Football
Cliff Diving
Hustle Kings
Tales from Space
Foosball 2012
Plants vs Zombies (1954 ratings)

Wave this bit at anyone who tells you Vita games are too expensive, on this basis the average price of a Vita game £20.16 (and you could do far better shopping around):

There are 5 free titles on the store
There are 13 games priced at less than £10
There are 7 games between £10 and £19.99
There are 4 games between £20 and £29.98
The most popular price point is £29.99 with 9 games at that figure
F1 2011 has the oddball price of £31.99
The next most popular price point is £34.99 with 7 games
There are 4 games priced £39.99
Only FIFA Football beats the £40 mark, at £44.99 (still)

So, there you go, and if the gaming scene suffers another month as quiet as this one I might update these figures from time to time.