Matsune Miku Project Diva F hitting Vita in weeks

At the end of August the Vita is likely to have its second No. 1 hit in Japan with the singing sensation that is Project Diva. And with art like this, its easy to understand why Japanese gamers have fallen under her spell.

There's a collection of new screenshots and art from the game on Famitsu, and along with videos like this, the marketing drive is being ratcheted up week after week.
With a white PS Vita bundle also on sale, I'd imagine hardware sales will get a healthy kick too. The last Miku game arrived on the 3DS early in the year and sold around 130,000 before leaving the chart. Sega would hope that this Diva version does a whole lot better. The game has been top of Amazon Japan's pre-order chart for some time, so I'm thinking something special could be on the cards saleswise.