Lumines Electronic Symphony: What might have been

There's a gripping four-page article on Gamasutra about the development process behind the Vita's Lumines title and how it could have turned out. From a Daft Punk game, to a concept album, to all kinds of crazy in-game tweaks or departures and the possibility of DLC. What I would have enjoyed most from the "music we couldn't get list" has to be Yello's "Oh, Yeah" track, that would have been mind-blowing.

From boardroom battles, to the usual design angst, it is well worth checking out, with plenty of prototype screens like the above with completed squares bursting into flower petals. One comment the author, producer James Mielke, is dead right about is playing the game through decent headphones. Through my Turtle Beach set, it really is a different, more immersive game.