Go star gazing on your Japanese PSP with Sega

Sega is launching a download version of Homestar, a digital guide, on the Japanese PSN which will help PSP and Vita owners learn about the stars, planets and other celestial phenomena. More of an ambient tour, rather than hard science, a Vita version would be a lot better as it could use the tilt and GPS functions to help locate and identify what users are looking at.

Then again, perhaps lots of Japanese brought that PSP GPS peripheral that was a rare sight in the west. Although, in metropolitan Tokyo, I'd be stunned if they could see any constellations at all (perhaps that's why it is so popular). The original UMD release was back in 2006, so you wonder if they've updated it with all the new cool stuff we've discovered in recent years? Its star plotter will show the sky hundreds of years into the future, so that bit is okay.