Games Sony and partners could reveal at Gamescom

After yesterday's likely Sony Gamescom line-up was revealed and as its another slow news day, and I'm bored, let's play, games that could make an appearance on the Vita at Gamescom.

The obvious
  • Killzone - in development at Sony Cambridge
  • Call of Duty: Declassified (have we dropped the Black Ops bit now?)
  • Invizimals - Novarama was signed exclusively by Sony to work on the Vita and since the Spanish developer is "at home" for Gamescom, it makes sense to announce something here.
  • Ace Combat - There's always an Ace Combat game on the go, and with the Vita missing out so far, surely an uprated version of AC5 or a new game is in the works at Namco. (maybe a TGS announce though)
The really-should-be-on-the-format already

  • Skylanders - the game is out on every other format (including iOS) and since Invizimals proved pretty popular on PSP, a Vita version should do decent business.
  • Any sports franchise - We're already getting Madden, FIFA but come on, how hard is Tiger Woods to render on a Vita? Or the other major sports series? That goes for off-road racing and street racers too, they all seemed to appear happily on the PSP, will Gamescom see a few more pop up for Vita?
  • Sim-something - Again, there were loads of Sims games and similar type titles on the PSP, we even enjoyed all the Theme Park PS One games, surely a few of these can be re-crafted for a quick Vita release?

The out of left-field

  • Persona 4 Arena - Since Persona 4 Golden was such a big hit on Vita in Japan, a quick port of this title might not be out of the question, and highly profitable for Atlus. Although, that would more likely be a TGS announcement if anything.
  • Doom 3 BFG Edition - John Carmack always loved to tinker with new systems, and I know he's a very busy man these days, but how much effort would it take to zap this dark shooter into the Vita's dinky frame?
  • Xcom Enemy Unknown - While the PSP and Vita have loads of Japanese tactical RPGs, it would be great to have the upcoming remake of the daddy (well, apart from Laser Squad) of them all. Plus, there would be no squealing kiddie characters you want to punch.
  • Something with vampires in - They're everywhere, films, TV, books, erotic books. The pointy tooth brigade are all over the shop. So, if you wanted to test the waters for a major, next-gen, new-to-gaming series, why not launch a Vita title first before the PS4 arrives, in an attempt to get some night-dwellers on your side?


The original NGP launch showed off an email app on the Vita, which would be nice, though hardly essential. Europe is also waiting for Netflix to appear, which could well happen. I also wonder if the 1.80 firmware update might also improve the browser, which is clearly the weakest link on the Vita's existing apps.

Feel free to add your own contributions, is there anything glaringly obvious I've missed?