Friday Opinion: Jet Set Radio on iOS and Vita, a price challenge

A couple of things have appeared this week. For a start Plants vs. Zombies for the Vita got a price cut to £6.49 (while only being £2 on iOS and cheaper still on Steam). Now we get Jet Set Radio coming to iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

I have no idea what Sega are planning on selling the Vita (and big console versions) for, but I'll be slightly put off it is vastly more than phone and tablet owners are paying for their copies. Sure, they have to put up with borked controls (possibly), although given this late announcement, I suspect some cunning coder has come up with a neat touch control system, perhaps even based on what they're working out on the Vita.

Who knows! But price is king and if the game is fun to play on a phone, I'll happily throw a couple of quid in the App Store, rather than get gouged for the pleasure of playing it on my Vita. Sure, I get the maths, Sega can expect to sell millions on iOS, and perhaps only 100,000 tops of the Vita around the world. But its not like this is a whole new game, developed from scratch. All the developers have done is upscaled the graphics and tweaked the control systems, and bolted them into new hardware-specific packages. So, come on Sega, play fair on this one!