Could the Vita be home to piracy-ravaged Android game developers?

A couple of interesting stories have done the rounds recently, Android developers seeing mass piracy of even $1 games due to Android's open, easily hackable status, making no money and looking at other alternatives. The other is the whole free-mium market likely to cave in on itself, as gamers stick with one or two titles and ignore the rest of games that are being turned fremium due to the first problem.

With this piece in mind, which covers both apps and games, perhaps the Vita, with developers charging $5/£5 for games to a smaller installed base (2 million vs. 400 million) would be a better offering then competing for the scraps of the Android market left behind by the likes of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and the rampant piracy.

The Vita could do with the games, the developers could do with the money and there are quite a few examples of developers turning a tidy profit on minis and smaller Vita titles. This could be achieved through full-on Vita development, or the PlayStation Mobile scheme, which would keep them in the Android space. Sure it won't appeal to all devs, with the lure of that one big hit hanging there, but for more pragmatic types, it could be an easy option. Would love to hear from any developers thinking of switching.