Wrapping up June for the PS Vita

E3 came and went with a whimper rather than a bang, but Sony acknowledged the blunder and good things beckon for GamesCom. At least E3 came and went, the promised June PS Heaven event has all but evaporated (unless Sony Japan works Saturdays). But, there was still lots of good things to enjoy in the world of the Vita.

Largely on the basis of the wonderful Gravity Daze in the West, offering a fantastic world to inhabit and explore and a game that doesn't rely on endless killing! And Persona in Japan which gave the Vita a much-needed lift.

Good things came in small packages too, with the excellent PulzAR proving that augmented reality games can be both good and fun to play. The YouTube app was also a much-welcome addition to the Vita's slowly growing range of apps. And Vita-based joy doesn't need to be expensive with the excellent PSV/PSP/minis sale offering near-endless amounts of entertainment for fantastic prices. I've picked up Trails in the Sky and God of War: Ghost of Sparta so far.

Finally, there's the oddball moments in life that you can't help but laugh at, this month brought to you by these rather mad Orgaryhthm trailers.

What were your personal favourite gaming moments in June?