Super Monkey Ball rolls into view on Vita

Missed this last week, and not sure if it shows anything new over the original Japanese videos I've posted, but here you go, another game that will make extensive use of the Vita's tilt functions. Hope its better than Katamari.


The current features lists includes:

  • Over 100 stages spread across five exhilarating worlds made of Jungle, Clay, Wood, Metal and Cardboard. 
  • 8 mini-games including fan-favourite Monkey Target, Monkey Bingo, Number Ball and more 
  • Tilt and touch or use the dual sticks to guide your monkeys through the game. 
  • Create your own stages using PS Vita’s camera feature and share with friends. 
  • Wi-Fi enabled online multiplayer mode. 
  • Using the GPS function, compare your standings locally or against players from around the world.

Certainly the innate sense of fun in Super Monkey Ball shines through, but scores for the series have plummeted in recent years. What can Sega do to bring back some of the shine? Making it a mid-price release would be one thing, throwing in loads of new mini-games and secret characters to play as wouldn't hurt. How about some novel multiplayer modes that offer something off-the-wall?