PS Vita Review: Frobisher Says!

The rules for creating a game like this seem to be as follows, write a bunch of words, put them in a bucket and pull them out at random. You can play it at home, "Tickle Nana's Bloomers" "Make Vegans Angry", "Find the Flan" and so on.

One of those is an actual game, but whatever the title, you end up using most of the Vita's controls and features. The camera can see you smiling, but not at the badgers. The rear touchscreen will help you scratch a monster's back while both are used to squash a toff, you can whisper sweet nothings into the microphone, tilt clouds, flip switches and much more.

Games are thrown at you with vigour. Cock one up first time and it'll be around again soon enough for you to try to get right. Hints are given as to what to do, with the aim to get the best score possible by reacting fast. New games are unlocked the more you play, and it likes to connect to PSN to send postcards to friends, but there's no trophy support.

With slightly unnerving presentation from Frobisher, this man is on a register somewhere, you can pass the Vita around between friends to create rounds, but its not really on a social par with Nintendo's Wario titles. Still, as a free diversion, it is miles ahead of most of the Vita's AR games and there's a cheap expansion pack you can buy to throw in more fun.
Developer: Honeyslug
Price: Free (PSN)
Score: 7/10
Progress: Wondering how well the Vita would have done if this had been included instead of Welcome Park
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