Now Japan gets a PS Vita cash back offer

Andriasang is reporting that Amazon Japan is now offering a 5,000 yen (£40, $63) cash-back for people buying a 3G PS Vita, 4GB memory card and a game. This is the second offer that Amazon has run in Japan and follows on from last week's €50 cash back offer from Sony France.

Sony stated that now is not the time for an official price cut, something my recent opinion piece agrees with. But, gooseing sales every now and again with limited offers (this one expires at the end of July) is a valid tactic and should help the numbers, without costing too much. Hopefully they'll get around to U.S. and U.K. markets soon enough.

Of course, Sony will soon make the money back as gamers realise they need a more-than-4GB card to keep up with the content, especially in Japan where the PSP-Vita game trade-in program is in effect.