Next week's PSN update getting PS One rarity Tomba!

Monkey Paw does a decent job bringing rare PS One games from Japan over for PSP and PS3 owners to enjoy. The next game on the list hits the US PSN next week (19th June), its a 2.5D platformer from the guy behind Ghosts n Goblins.

MonkeyPaw Games today announced the side-scrolling platforming adventure Tomba!  will make its PSN debut in the PSone Classics section on Tuesday, June 19th for $9.99. Garnering almost universally positive reviews and high prices due to its rarity, Tomba!  was the brainchild of Tokuro Fuijiwara, known for his creation of the Ghosts’n Goblins series as well as the producer of the Mega Man series. The rich, interactive atmosphere of Tomba! helped create the title’s innovative gameplay, being one of the earliest PlayStation® games to use the Dual Shock feature. Help our pink-haired protagonist trample the seven evil pigs and retrieve his grandfather’s prized bracelet when Tomba! returns on June 19th.

Monkey Paw will also be bringing Class of Heroes II to PSN, sometime in the Autumn.