MotorStorm RC gets a major update, makes life a little easier

MotorStorm has been updated on both Vita and PS3, to make some of the challenges a little less daunting, adding some content and tweaking stuff in the back end and improving the all-round game. Read the full post on the PS blog, but there's the point that should be of most interest to us less than insane gamers:

Q: How has the ‘Festival’ campaign been fine-tuned?
A: Many of you told us that “the Festival gets too tricky too quickly” and the stats we see from the game backed this up, highlighting 23 races in particular that only a small percentage of people were able get all three medals on compared to the other races at that stage of the campaign... After a lot of testing it looks set to make a positive difference to the game, so we expect to see new players getting into the swing of the game and progressing much more fluently, although they’re still going to have to rise to the challenge to get every medal from every race and go on to earn the prestigious “Lunatics Unite” Platinum Trophy!

I've not played the game for a good few weeks now, but this will definitely get me back into it. Check out the  Montezuma Blitz update too which gave a new lease of life to that much-maligned title. Good to see games being tweaked and fine-tuned along the way, even if they are the smaller ones. Imagine what a Resistance update could bring?