Japan's games sales see Persona 4 and the Vita rock on

After last week's kick ass Vita performance, what hope of a repeat as gamers gear up for Metal Gear HD which is out tomorrow? Naturally the new Pokemon topped the chart, selling over 1.5 million copies, Persona 4 dropped to No. 3, but still sold around 30,000 copies despite likely stock problems and the PSP rounds out the top five with the Spike's latest brawler.

1. Pokemon Black 2 DS
2. Dragon Quest Monsters 3DS
3. Persona 4 Golden PSV
4. Kenka Bancho Bros: Tokyo Battle Royale PSP

5. Tokyo Jungle PS3
On the hardware front, the Vita managed to shift another 13,589 units which, while well down on last week, is well up on the previous weeks' performances. Hopefully MGS will give it a neat little punt, but Persona proved that the Vita can sell with the right games, now its up to Sony and other developers to deliver them. Perhaps the PS Heaven event, expected tomorrow, will show the way?