Japanese charts and Vita lifetime sales small but getting better

Looks like the Vita is still waiting for its break out game, with fairly dismal (physical) sales across all content types, both conversions and original titles. Of course, digital sales could be doing really well, but with Sony's crap reporting of them, how are we to know? Here are Media Create's lifetime sales of the top 10 Vita titles:

115,000 - [PSV] Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (SCE)
 87,000 - [PSV] Uncharted: Golden Abyss (SCE)
 73,000 - [PSV] Dynasty Warriors Next (Koei Tecmo)
 72,000 - [PSV] Gravity Rush (SCE)
 69,000 - [PSV] Tales of Innocence R (Bandai Namco)
 67,000 - [PSV] Lord of Apocalypse (Square Enix)
 62,000 - [PSV] Ragnarok Odyssey (GungHo Online Entertainment)
 53,000 - [PSV] Disgaea 3: Absense of Detention (Nippon Ichi)
 45,000 - [PSV] Ridge Racer (Bandai Namco)
 38,000 - [PSV] Ciel Nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta (Gust)

Making a splash in that chart soon will be this week's No. 3 entry, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED BATTLE DESTINY which managed to sell 40,000+

Japan Top Five

Tokyo Jungle PS3 110,000
Dragon Quest 3DS 83,000
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED BATTLE DESTINY 40,000

With that and Persona 4: The Golden plus Super Monkey Ball going on-sale this week, the Vita gets a decent boost (around 75%, from last week's 7,500) in sales, and bringing it closer to the 750,000 overall mark in Japan.

3DS 64,875
PS3 15,593
Vita 13,383
PSP 10,038
Wii 6,029

So, there's definitely a future for the Vita, but it really needs that killer app (no names needed) to get it going in Japan. Personally, I can't see Soul Sacrifice doing the job, or PlayStation All-Stars, so time to go back to the drawing board, or the cheque book.