Info on Street Fighter x Tekken goodies for Vita

Specialist brawler site has word from a Capcom insider that, to make up for the mucking about with paid DLC and bugs in Capcom's current crossover, the Vita version will get some extra characters, and be cured of all the issues in the console versions.
" As a sort of surprise/apology, Capcom is developing two completely new characters that will also be released with the Vita version launch, for all platforms, at no additional cost beyond the cost for the main DLC download. These characters are Evil Ryu and Devil (Kazuya).
- Several balancing changes will be done before the Vita launch. 
You’ll especially see major changes in the DLC characters, because even though they were “completed”, they were not properly balanced and some of their moves will have very different properties. Bryan and Lars especially have major overhauls."