Dust 514 comes to Vita details

We've already known that the Vita will get a companion app for the MMO game Dust, before graduating to full play. The details of that app were launched today.
DUST 514 also supports the PlayStation Vita in the form of a companion app. Officially titled DUST 514: Neocom, the app integrates services that incorporate the feel and functionality from DUST 514 on PlayStation 3, with a focus on customization, communication and trade. Each character can be customized and configured using DUST 514: Neocom; players can create and edit customized fittings (load-outs) with a huge variety of dropsuits, weapons, equipment, modules and vehicles. The Vita app will also access a wide range of social features, such as the in-game Mail system and Friends List to keep up with game dynamics, and players can purchase new items, weapons and vehicles from the DUST 514 Marketplace using either ISK (in-game earned currency) or Aurum (purchased currency). DUST 514: Neocom is scheduled to be released later this year alongside DUST 514.
That'll be neat for PS3 fans, but how long Vita owners will have to wait before they can join in the action, we don't know, yet. New trailer here...