Vita getting more free apps for music, travel and growing things

Right, a music app in the form of the neat looking but wankily-titled Imaginstruments I get. A real world travel game cum app, Travel Bug which uses Near to make real world challenges for you and friends, I also get. And I like the idea of an environment simulator, Ecolibrium, but everything about them just has that slightly kiddy feel that would make them more at home on the new white cheap PSP.

Check out the PS Blog post here for the details. do you agree, this is just a little bit too cheesy? If these are for kids, then I wouldn't let mine out and about with an expensive bit of kit, yet if they're for adults, then why the Cbeebies-style designs?

If Sony were going to do anything like this, it should be with a fitness app, something with wide appeal that everyone could use. Apart from the music app, I can see these being a quick download, try and delete jobs. Along with the ebook reader, Sony seem to be creating a "worst of Wii" world.