Spy Hunter revs up the Aston for the PS Vita

Quite a good week for classic gaming, but out-doing the Jet Set Radio HD do-over, comes a true classic, from when I was little and arcades were strange, fun, new places. Spy Hunter from Bally Midway has already had one makeover since the classic 8-bit arcade machine days. Now its getting a full handheld remix for the Vita and 3DS

Warner Bros. is in charge of this version, the trailer doing a nice take on the typical Volvo advert. Naturally the game has moved into 3D, and the sole 3DS screen shot seem to have a rather more serious tone than the trailer and the original.

Still, if it captures the spirit and dyamics of the original game (including the original would be good too), I'll be a happy junior Bond again. And, no, that's not actually an Aston Martin.