Soul Sacrifice looking ever so slightly icky

Taking its title rather literally, the word out of Japan (based on early copies of Famitsu) and ahead of Sony's big event tomorrow, is that Keiji Inafune's new game uses your character's own body parts as sacrifices to create mystical (and sticky) weapons. As a slave to an evil sorcerer, your life looks full of torment and misery, so don't expect many laughs in this one.

Developed by Marvelous, if you want a knife attack, lop off some fingers and they turn into blades. For a sword, just rip out your own spine and to launch a gorgon attack you'll need to gouge out your own eyes. Andriasang has some translations of the magazine article here and here.

Check out the earlier teaser video at the official site. I'm sure lots more will leak out over the day, but I'll leave it at that until the press event. Don't expect anything less than a 15 or Teen rating on this one.