Sony launches white PSP E1000 model for summer

Sony must be getting some PSP sales from somewhere, as the company is launching a new white model of its cheapo PSP E1000. Judging by the lifestyle shots, these are firmly aimed at the kids to keep them quiet during the summer holidays. The ice white unit's price is still £89.99 and will be on sale in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and Ireland.

With huge numbers of games available for £6-10 on Amazon and some remaining in stores, its not a bad time killer for the little ones, or those who need to replace an older model. Just remember there's no Wi-Fi, so its a UMD-only device unless you copy your downloads from PC or PS3 to the memory card. The unit should hit stores by July.

Of course, a few more colour varieties for the PS Vita might be a pressing issue for Sony, with a white model coming to Japan, but Sony clearly thinks if it can get lots of young PSP owners, they might upgrade to Vitas when then time comes.