Smart as... challenging your mind and your Facebook friends

The DS sparked a generation of games for those who thought their minds or bodies were getting older, and less fit than they used to be. The PS Vita will try and wade its way into this market with "Smart As..." a game to challenge the brain's synapses if you've reached the age where you can't see the point of Hollyoaks.

Developed by Climax for Sony, it uses the PS Vita’s touch screens, cameras and augmented reality capabilities to test your noggin with 20-odd puzzle games using arithmetic, logic, language and observation. Your scores are used to calculate your overall Brain Power and the more you play, the better your chances are of increasing your score and unlocking new puzzle games.

When you play Smart As using PS Vita’s online modes, you can compete with friends on Facebook and share your scores to prove you're smarter. Access online leaderboards to check how your performance rates against PSN friends, people that you’ve met through Near, or across the world.

From the recent developer video, the only worry is that it is all a bit like the Welcome Park game and while it might be neat as a free goodie, it looks like Sony plans to sell us this. As long as its on the cheap side, perhaps.