PSN Update, get ready for Gravity Daze and Resistance

The U.S. had a rare Vita-led update yesterday with the Gravity Rush (guess I'll have to stop calling it Gravity Daze now) demo, plus Resistance launching (with a demo that's the same size as the full game (is it an unlockable trial then?). The Americans also got the lovely-looking Pure Chess and the Nico Nico app.

Not sure if we get Nico Nico too, but the Gravity Rush demo is 472Mb and the Resistance game or demo are both 2.8Gb, so make sure you've got plenty of space for when the update hits today. Resistance is getting mixed reviews, averaging around 60%, but I reckon the multiplayer makes it worth a go. Gravity Rush is scoring just below 90, a shame its not out for a couple of weeks yet. Check out the updated release list for what else is coming in June.

UPDATED: Okay, the PSN Update post is live and guess what, Sony stuff it up again with no demo for Resistance. My immediate, and cynical thought, is that Sony saw the reviews coming in and decided not to let EU gamers try it in advance. My guess is it'll let the pre-orders and early adopters in first before releasing the demo in a couple of weeks. You can see their point, but it shows a shocking lack of confidence in its own games. Care to comment Sony?

There's also no Nico Nico either. No wonder Sony blog editors are moving on so quickly, it must be a pig of a job to moderate. Note, the EU Gravity Rush demo is 492Mb, must be all those extra languages.

On the positive side, PSP and Vita gamers get Blazing Souls Accelate from Idea Factory. A JRPG where Zelos, who makes his living as an independent contractor, obtains a crystal infused with magical energy called a "Core Elemental" after a freak accident. Almost as soon as it fell into his hands, Zelos was besieged by a number of mysterious beings intent on taking the power of the elemental for their own.

There's also the usual batch of DLC but, frankly, missing that Resistance demo is looking deeply suspicious. At least we'll have Rush to try.