OFFICIAL Sony confirm PlayStation Vita €50 price cut for France

Now will the whining stop and will people just go out and buy one? The announcement is breaking right now  and will take effect from June the 1st, in time for E3. Hopefully that translates to £40, although with the value of the Euro plummeting, it could be £10 by the time it takes effect, which would make the Vita around £159 on the likes of Amazon.

For America, that's likely to be a $50 cut, assuming they get it. More to follow. The big question, if you don't already own a Vita will this help you go out and get one?

Update: Right, this is a rebate offer so buyers need to claim the money back, and its only running for until mid-July. Not quite the across-the-board slash we'd all hoped for, but its a start, right? MCV is taking up the story

Update to the update: MCV now saying this might be a French deal only - bof! That's just rude. Will there be gamers clamouring at French embassies applying for citizenship?