No Football Manager for PS Vita planned by SI Games

According to a forum post by an SI bunny, Sports Interactive has no plans for a PS Vita version of the massive selling Football Manager series. Despite doing great sales on the PSP (300,000 - 500,000K (vgChartz figures) plus each year, and still the current PSP No. 1 in the UK). The post says:
"Unfortunately there are no plans presently to do a Vita specific version of FMH at present, sorry."
Which means that something could happen in the future, but they'll need to get a wiggle on to hit next season's release. Perhaps the developers are planning something more akin to the PC version, given the Vita's power and extra inputs. Versions for iOS and Android are touch-based, so it shouldn't take too much redesign.

You can still play FMH 2012 on the Vita if you download it from the PSN, currently £23.99. If you're on a budget, Championship  Manager 2010 is available from Square Enix for just £3.99 as a mini. On the latest all-formats chart, FM12 on the PSP accounts for 7% of sales (with the other 93% on the PC), suggesting handheld is still a viable format.