New Nippon Ichi Vita game puts you in a journalist's shoes

Having been having a great time of it in the halls of Disgaea 3's Netherworld, its good to hear Nippon Ichi is keeping up the flow with a new game based on journalism. Called "Special Report Division", the game has been unveiled in this weeks Dengeki and is due out in August.

No pictures yet, but expect something to emerge in the next few days for what is classed as an adventure game, but could well follow Disgaea's crazed RPG format. Hopefully NIS America will bring the new game west, and for once guys, leave the Prinnys at home. Or, it might follow the Attorney at Law games on the DS, with a procedural feel to it.

Hopefully the game will focus on breaking stories, getting scoops and trying to squeeze pop culture references into articles, rather than the endless drinking and moaning that forms most of a hacks career.