Looks like Need for Speed is headed to the PS Vita

Ages ago I put up a Need For Speed Vita story (more in hope than anything) and it still gets lots of hits from eager NFS fans, in fact it is second only to an early "white PS Vita" story. Looks like those dreams will finally come true as Criterion, the UK developer now in charge of NFS, is hiring a Vita software engineer.

The ad says: "We are hiring and actively looking to add the world’s top talent to a team that just delivered the highest rated Need for Speed title yet. This is a very exciting time at Criterion Games and anyone that joins us will be working on top selling, world class games, on cutting edge hardware in an extremely creative environment."

All we need to know now is will the game be a version of "The Run" or a new iteration of the series. It would also be cool if we get some Burnout going on the Vita (they were great fun on the PSP).

EA has taken a pretty steady approach to the Vita, starting off with a banker in FIFA Football, next up is the not-quite Madden 13, so it would make sense for another strong brand to follow that. Afterwards, once it has gauged the market, EA can start putting riskier titles out there (or not). As for new IP games, perhaps we'll have to wait a few years.