Japanese game and hardware sales, another sphincter-clenching grimace for Sony executives?

Another week, another sphincter-clenching grimace for Sony executives, what will the numbers be this week?

From 4gamer, here's a pretty little chart to show things in perspective, the Vita is up a couple of hundred sales from last week, on the software front, a deluxe version of Samurai and Dragons shifts a mere 6,000 copies, a new PSP game rolls into the top three and there are five PSP games in the top 20.

Software charts:

1 Dragon's Dogma (PS3) 302,040 NEW
2 Mario Open Tennis (3DS) 101,645 NEW
3 Prince Sana (PSP) 61,376 NEW
4 Dragon's Dogma (X360) 29,000 NEW
17 Samurai and Dragons Deluxe 6,072 NEW