Hatsune Miku Vita gets an "F" and new video

The official title for Sega's PS Vita title is Hatsune Miku Project Diva F and a new video is out to cement that name in gamer's minds before the launch.

UPDATE: According to Sega, the new game will ONLY feature new music, content and costumes, good news for anyone who thought the game might be a rebundling of old material, or a best of title.

It shows off a couple of the songs and how the game mechanics work of the Vita, looks like only the nimblest of fingers will get perfect scores on the touchscreen, with Technical Zones to really set the top players apart from the rest.

A blog update also showed off some pics from the game's augmented reality mode, which put Miss Miku out and about in the real world.

Check the post for more pictures and ask yourself how long before entire AR girlfriend simulators emerge in Japan.