Will the new Call of Duty reveal have a Vita logo on it?

On 1st May, the NBA playoffs tip off, and Activision has promised to reveal the first trailer for the next Call of Duty game during one of the first round matches, being broadcast on TNT in the States. While most viewers will be sweating on Jeremy Lin's fitness, gamers will be after a first peek at the next big CoD experience.

Since the Call of Duty logo was seen at the Vita's launch, you have to ask will Activision be providing portable gamers with the real thing, or some dodgy spin-off. UPDATE: My hopes just got a bit higher, with MCV claiming there's a big surprise... that could be Vita support. Of course that could also be a Wii U edition, but I live in hope.

Is it a truck, is it a cockpit, or a big red button?

UPDATE: The pic above is apparently a Quadrotor, I can see a match in the sensor end.

This game should be Black Ops 2, based on hints and rumour, sequel to one of the best regard CoD titles. Would it be odd for the Vita to drop into this series mid-way though? Or will they offer the first game too in a box-set or as two releases?

Hopefully the trailer will appear on the website too, for the rest of the world to enjoy. As the reveal gets closer some grainy images are being dropped onto the site if you want to check it out . If the Vita is getting the real thing, and we got a hint of an Autumn launch earlier in the year,which ties in with this.